Vancouver, Camas, Longview, and SW WA


The process of completing a home inspection can be a little overwhelming to many. That’s where we come in.  Our goal is to make sure that you know everything you can about your potential new home. In order to effectively do that, we start from the ground up.  All of our inspectors are InterNACHI certified Home Inspectors and are licensed to perform home inspections in Washington State. Building from this foundation, we factor in our building experience, and maybe more importantly, our experiences of simply being home owners too.  When we walk into your home, we treat it as though we’re moving our own family into it.

We want to be as thorough as possible, to give you peace of mind before making the largest financial decision of your life.  When your refrigerator breaks, you don’t just go to the store and buy the prettiest one. You take a few hours (or days maybe) to do some research, and find out which fridge suits your needs the best.  So why would you buy a home without getting a general home inspection beforehand? You wouldn’t, and we’re here to help you be confident in your decision making.

So, what does a typical inspection look like?

Before performing an inspection, we require all clients to read and agree to a Pre Inspection Agreement.

When you arrive, we’ll be there. We like to arrive a little early and get started with a quick walk around the exterior. We like to start on the roof, and work our way down, so you might even pull up and see us walking around on the roof! Washington standards of practice require walking roofs, and we think it’s a vital part of a well rounded, thorough home inspection. Some roofs may be deemed unsafe to walk, and in those instances we’ll use some technology and some know how to give you the clearest image of the state of your roof. Once we get down from the roof, we’ll follow the path of water and inspect the exterior of the home, from the gutters to the siding and foundation. Once we get a good picture of the exterior, we’ll don our booties and head inside for the interior part of the inspection.  We’ll check the accessible systems of the home, including your built in appliances, plumbing, electrical, doors and windows, HVAC, and general safety of the home.  Along the way we’ll point out any defects we notice and take about a million pictures for your report.  Once the living space is inspected, we’ll tackle the garage (if included) and then suit up for the fun stuff! Attics and crawlspaces!  We save those for last, because at MACH Inspections, we put safety first, and cleanliness second. You’ll see us put on a space suit and a respirator, put down drop cloths, and disappear into the attic. Once we’re done up there, we’re headed under the house for the last and messiest part of the inspection.  Attics and crawl spaces are dangerous, so we do recommend that our clients please not follow us into these spaces.  Once we’ve seen what we need to, we’ll clean ourselves up, and congregate back inside and go over a basic overview with you.  We’ll make one last sweep of the house to make sure we’ve left everything as it was when we arrived, and bid you farewell.  We’ll finish up the report that same day, and have it to you no later than 9am the following morning.  If you include additional testing such as mold sampling or radon testing, those results we will get back to you as soon as we get them back from the labs.  Mold testing takes about 3 days turn around, and radon testing requires a 48hr testing time, after which we can give you the radon test report. The reports will be hosted online, and you will be notified via email or text when your reports are available.

In an effort to be a little bit greener, we prefer to offer digital copies of reports only. We’re very thorough, and a report can be quite large, so printing them off is quite an ordeal. It can be done, but we find our online hosting for reports is much more practical, as it allows you to view videos we take, zoom in on images, and other things you can’t do with a piece of paper.

Sample Reports are available online.